Island-Timing is now ResultsTiming


Putting on a race is a daunting task.  We provide you, the Race Director, with the tools and information that you need to ensure that your event goes smoothly.  We also help you through the process from when you reserve your date through posting results and giving awards.


ResultsTiming is the source for RFID race timing.  We bring the right staff and great customer service to help you create the right atmosphere for your participants and we have the best technology to accurately time your race. 


ResultsTiming incorporates online registration services through that is directly tied to our timing equipment.  This allows us to offer many more services to you and your participants such as .txt results, photos, live streaming of results, etc.

For 4 years, Island-Timing has been delivering results to the running community.  Now, we are changing our name to identify with that: ResultsTiming will be delivering results and more.  Along with results, your participants can get .txt messages of their results when they cross the finish line, pictures as they cross the finish line and much more.  Check out how we can make your event more memorable for your participants and how these features will draw them to your event.